LIMS is an application solution geared towards industries like Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Metals to maintain and manage laboratory information efficiently and improve the laboratory turnaround time. CodonLIMS meets compliance standards for GMP, GLP and 21CFR Part 11.

Sample Management

Managing Sample Information in traditional paper format is a time consuming process and there could be a chance of loosing data.CodonLIMS easily Maintains Samples data from their entry stage till completion of analysis process in secured electronic format and requires user authentication to access.In addition CodonLIMS Maintains stability Samples, Control samples , Production/Regular analysis samples separately by grouping based on the type of the sample.
CodonLIMS also gives the live history details with current stage of the sample.Every Sample entered in to the CodonLIMS system is uniquely identified by system generated Barcode or user defined unique sample numbers.

Training Management

CodonLIMS Training Management System not only helps organizations comply with mandatory training but also helps to increase efficiency in achieving excellence in product quality.


CodonLIMS E-Notebook facilitates the improvement of data quality and helps to increase research productivity across an entire organization. The E-Notebook allows scientists to capture experimental procedures more accurately with the help of the built-in user-friendly structure editor.

Resource Booking

In any Industry, controlling and optimizing work and workloads plays a vital role in improving the effective utilization of critical resources like laboratory equipment, conference/discussion rooms, projects etc.

Storage Locations

Organisations need to track items like Inventory Consumables, Instruments, Samples etc in their facility. It takes a lot of effort in finding the available places for storing these items in the inventory for the Organisations having a humongous number of storage locations.

LIMS Features

Why lims

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) enables laboratories to manage their data and distribute the results to designated areas. Apart from aiding regulatory compliance, LIMS can also provide benefits through improved quality of data, faster turnaround of more accurate data and automatic generation of reports.









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LIMS can also provide benefits
through improved
quality of data