e-Lab Notebook

CodonLIMS E-Notebook solution facilitates helps improve data quality and increase the productivity of researchers across an entire organization. The E-Notebook allows scientists to capture experimental procedures more accurately with the help of the built-in user-friendly structure editor, free flow editor, and rich text editor. The and protect organization's confidential property is protected by allowing only authorized users to access them in a lab, from simple experiment documentation to routine or complex documents.
Key Features:
-Role-based access
-Individual User Data Security
-Instrument Integration
-Instrument service tracking and instrument utilization report
-Searching by Projects, Tests, Chemical formula, Analysts, Instruments, or part of the text
-Built-in chemical structure editor
-Built-in free flow drawing editor
-Built-in rich text document editor
-Excel to PDF data migration
-Capability to integrate with instruments through LIMSinc
-Trend graph generator -Trend graph generator capability to integrate with instruments through LIMSinc Trend graph generator

CodonLIMS elab Notebook solution can be customized for different labs like Formulations, API Development, Regular Research, Biologics etc.

CodonLIMS e-lab Notebook solution for API development

Our e-lab Notebook for API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) provides accessibility to API manufacturers by grouping researched data by researchers with the track record of the list of experiments conducted on an API drug. By using an e-lab notebook, users can easily search for the previously recorded data for references. As all the documentation is available in electronic format at a centralized server, Multiple user access allows faster completion of R&D projects saving time for scientists, Team leads and HODs (Heads of Department).
Researchers can create conceptual experiments to design and forecast what actually is going to happen before the drug goes into actual design and analysis. This capability helps reduce solvent volumes, increase yields, reduce cycle times. Additionally, it provides for lower raw material costs, lower waste costs and improves product quality and the economy of the process. CodonLIMS Elab Notebook is an easy to use and cost-effective solution that helps you in faster delivery of products to your customers.

CodonLIMS e-lab Notebook solution for Formulation

CodonLIMS Elab Notebook solution for formulation is designed to solve the challenges faced byproduct formulators.
Our Elab notebook has an built-in recipe editor and analytical data record repository that enables analysts to quickly formulate data. This includes the design of experiments, data separation by different labs within the organization, composition of API and excipients, manufacturing, and analyses.
The data is in electronic format and available in the globally secured database, formulators can quickly find and reuse existing recorded formulations, analytical data, and other information.
With the help of our automatic formulation data calculation module which is within the Elab notebook, formulators can adjust the factors to get the most effective output resulting in saving time and improving information quality.

CodonLIMS e-lab Notebook solution for Formulation

CodonLIMS Electronic Laboratory Notebook is a highly secured, user-friendly data management solution designed to meet the user requirements from Designing of Experiments (DoE) in different stages. Starting from vial stage till the finished product is packed and moved out of facility; from organizing experiments to generating and sharing reports in required formats like excel, word, and PDF.
CodonLIMS ELN offers a flexibility of free-form data entry with the help of a built-in rich text editor. Additionally, fast and easy-to-use structure editors are included.
Users can utilize the pre-customized experiment/test templates, and can also easily insert new content either manually or by uploading Word, Excel, PDF file formats.
CodonLIMS ELN helps to increase performance and minimize errors by automating the import of raw data from laboratory instruments integrated with CodonLIMS systems. By using CodonLIMS ELN, analysts can move analyzed sample data from one process lab(Upstream process, Downstream process, and Analytical support lab) to another within the organization under high secured supervision. Every action performed by each analyst in each lab and each stage is audited with the CodonLIMS auditing mechanism which complies with 21CFR 11, GMP/cGMP/GLP regulations.
In addition, customers of other lab quality industries lsuck as dairy, food, and beverage etc., can reach out to CodonLIMS to customize the ELN solution for your industry requirements and standards.